Our infant cereals are produced by Drum Dryer technology, which gives to cereals a special taste.

All the raw materials used in our process are monitored from the crops to the final product, thus ensuring a safe product for your child.

Our products are baby food and can be eaten from 6 months age.

The baby cereals contain essential vitamins for your child’s diet, as well as being a source of energy and minerals.

Our facilities and processes are audited and approved by regulatory authorities and there is taken in place the Certification FSSC 22.000 Standard, that was created to set the highest food safety criteria.

Our baby cereals are not only delicious, but also totally safe for your child, you can trust!

  • Infant instantaneous baby cereals made from selected cereals;
  • It is a pre-cooked meal that is to digest, it may be consumed from 6 months of age;
  • It contains important nutrients for your children’s development, such as fiber, vitamins and minerals;
  • It can be prepared in several ways, such as porridge, with fruit or as a shake;
  • Available flavors : Rice, Corn, Oat, Rice and Oat, Multicereals and Wheat Cereal.
  • Prepared just by adding water;
  • Varieties with NO ADDED SUGAR, FRUITS, HONEY and COCOA that are shipped to a lot of countries around the world.

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210g, 300g, 350g, 400g – Sleeve labels


30g, 50g, 150g, 180g e 230g

Bag in Box

175g, 200g, 250g, 300g e 350g


20kg e 25kg

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All Brands also do services of industrialization, we can receive the raw materials from your company and deliver for you, your finished product filled in your private label.

Besides private labels, we also offer bulk products that can be sent in properly bags that can be filled in your package in your company.

All Brands can fit in your business, if you desire to develop a project with us, do not hesitate and get through to us, it will be a pleasure to deal with you.